Yeshiva Gedola Rabbinical College of Sydney 

Yeshiva Gedola Rabbinical College of Sydney has been operating since 1986 as an accredited tertiary education facility, providing training for high school graduates and mature age students in religious studies according to traditional Judaism. Students further their studies in Bible, Mishna, Talmud, history, basic law, jurisprudence and philosophy. The College attracts a large number of international students yearly through the Chabad student exchange program.

More than 600 students have gone through this program. The College has become the gateway for young international Jewish talent, who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to visit Australia, to be nurtured and developed for the long term benefit of the local community. Yeshiva Gedola imbues a love of communal service and sense of responsibility that stay with the students throughout their lives.

Yeshiva Gedola not only assists the community in the present, but it takes a long term view as well. Many graduates choose to devote their lives to the local community in Sydney and throughout Australia.

Many of our graduates have stayed in Australia and have taken up permanent positions as communal leaders, educators, rabbis and chazanim in synagogues, schools and Chabad Houses. Their presence is felt in local communal organisations and most Orthodox synagogues in Sydney. Yeshiva Gedola graduates have taken up permanent positions in the Synagogues, schools and community centres of Australia as well as positions of communal leadership internationally.

Students can continue their studies and graduate with full rabbinical ordination (Smicha). The College is visited biannually by Rabbis of international scholarly repute, who test the students as part of their ordination. Rabbinical ordination from Yeshiva Gedola of Sydney is universally recognised.

To date more than 200 graduates have taken up communal posts across the globe. As alumni attain pulpit and leadership roles worldwide, the Sydney Jewish community's international standing is enhanced.

Students devote many hours each week to community service, assisting the majority of Sydney's synagogues and Jewish community centres. These young men have significantly enhanced many synagogue programs throughout Sydney.

Other outreach programs include huge outdoor Chanukah celebrations, ongoing youth activities and camps, including summer overnight and day camps, Lag B'omer parades, model matzah bakeries, shofar factories, house and hospital visits, Purim parties and Pesach seders.

The students work closely with the Jewish day schools as well as the Board of Jewish Education providing hands-on programs for Jewish private and public school students.