Chabad NSW

The Yeshiva Centre was established in 1956 by Mr. Abraham Rabinovitch obm,  as a Synagogue and centre of learning for the Sydney Jewish community. The spiritual leaders from 1956 to 1968 were Rabbi G. Herz and Rabbi C. E. Barzel. In 1968 the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, sent Rabbi and Rebbetzin Pinchus and Pnina Feldman as Shluchim (Emissaries) to Sydney with the task of organising a Chabad-Lubavitch presence in order to strengthen Jewish education and outreach throughout NSW. Greeted warmly by the community, Rabbi Feldman was appointed Dean and Spiritual Leader of the Yeshiva Centre.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Feldman were actively involved in the Yeshiva College and watched it grow into a High School and later a Yeshiva Gedola.

It is under their continued leadership that Chabad NSW thrives today, the Chabad NSW offers its services to the community.

Activities grew and in 1985 the building was expanded to include the Adler Building. Other projects included regular classes and meetings for men, women, young adults, retirees and Israelis. In addition the Yeshiva continued to offer adult education, regular publications, many youth activities most notibly, day camps and overnight camps.

In 1987 Chabad-Lubavitch Bondi was established as the home for F.R.E.E. (Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe) to cater for the influx of Russian Jewry emigrating to Sydney. This signified the beginning of the establishment of Chabad-Lubavitch centres throughout Sydney. Over the past 20 years centres have been established in St Ives, Double Bay, Dover Heights, Redfern, Sydney CBD and centres for Israeli citizens and travellers in Bondi.

Chabad NSW has played an integral role in the establishment of essential community organisations such as the NSW Kashrut Authority and the Jewish House Crisis Centre. The Centre's alumni and associates hold the pulpits of the majority of Orthodox synagogues in Sydney. They play important roles in the Rabbinical Council of NSW and the Sydney Beth Din (religious court). Yeshiva Rabbis serve as chaplains within the broader community. They are attached to the NSW Ambulance Service, Police, Corrective Services, Australian Defence Force and Sydney International Airport.

Chabad NSW and its satelite Chabad centres around Sydney gives us an idea of the focus of Chabad-Lubavitch. The goals are to increase knowledge, spiritual awareness and dedication to Judaism. In addition, the Rebbe spoke about the responsibility to communicate universal spiritual ideals, as expressed in the Seven Noahide Laws, to all humanity.

Chabad NSW, is also home for a large Hebrew and English reference Library, daily adult education classes and much more.